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Online Marketing ROI Guide [ Bookmark this page! ]

Posted by Randy Milanovic     Jan 4, 2013 5:17:00 AM

Online marketing targets are more easily hit when you know what to measure.


There are a wide variety of ways you can realize a return on your investment in online marketing activities beyond adding revenue. For instance, marketing online can reduce your cost of reaching prospects and generating leads significantly. Add in sophisticated tracking and analytics and your sales team can become more efficient in closing new business.

Have you ever wondered what the different online marketing activities contribute to your business? We've outlined many alternative measurements for you here. If you are using others, we'd love to hear about them in our comments section below. (Mobile users, please rotate to horizontal view for best experience.)


Return on Investment (ROI)
Inbound Marketing Deployment of a combined selection of linking, search, online, social and content marketing activities. Attracts qualified prospects to your web site and builds SEO value.
Search engine optimization Craft text content that identifies the content of individual pages to search engines. Cumulatively, identifies your web site topic as well. Helps you get found in search organically (without pay per click). Content that is valued by visitors gets picked up faster than irrelevant content.
External linking Submition of quality links with relevant content to websites, blogs, directories and forums that come back to your web site. High quality links builds credibility and accuracy around your website in search results. The most important online marketing activity - closely connected to creating quality content. Poor quality links can destroy your website credibility and damage your reputation.
On-page linking Link related content within web site. Enhances credibility for related individual pages within your site.
Blogging Add timely content to your website. A source of easily shareable content for social media. Attracts visitors, build thought leadership, share content, attract prospects.
Social media engagement Online networking, micro publishing and historical activity archiving. Builds audience and discover opportunities and prospects.
Website design or redesign Craft or refine user experience to deliver key information. Quality design establishes credibility. Quality marketing content engages website visitors.
Landing page deployment Deliver focused offers to your prospects. Obtains legal opt-in and identifies website visitors. Provide valued information or spur interaction.
Pay-per-click advertising Pay to appear next to organic search results on the top pages of search results. Helps you be seen in search while you build organic traffic.
Email marketing Deliver offers, communicate with leads who have opted in to your email communications. Prompts immediate response to a valued offer or deliver information to segmented email marketing lists.
Marketing event deployment A combination of marketing activities, typically including: posting a blog article, promoting it with an email campaign and in social media, developing a valued offer, and delivering it via a targeted landing page(s). Creates BUZZ around your company, its website and your important event or offer. Initiates prospect identification.
Lead nurturing Scheduled email message delivery. Allows you to automatically nurture prospects throughout sales processes.
Analytics & Reporting Monitor website visitor traffic, form submission results, traffic-to-lead ratios, lead-to-customer ratios, website quality, SEO quality, etc... Allows you to refine and prioritize content, offers and activities to maximize results from your online presence.
Call to Action Button Creation Create actionable website buttons. A-B testing, prompt click-throughs, attract attention.
Persona development Define target audience(s). Allows creative to be developed with a focus on marketing content of interest to your audience – improves quality of responses.
Envisioning workshop Set the overall tone and define marketing messaging, general target markets and guide branding positioning. Deliverable is the guiding document that unifies marketing activities.
Communication briefing Define marketing messaging, for a specific offer. Determines specifics of offer deployment.
A/B Testing Measurement offer deploymentcomponent effectiveness. Measures response rates and allows refinement.

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