Inbound Marketing Services

Access a team of certified inbound marketers to help you make the most of your online marketing efforts.


When Your Best Customers Start Coming to You, Website Visitors Turn Into Prospects and Prospects Turn Into Leads

If you're one of the millions of businesses that treats sales and marketing as an ongoing (and sometimes frustrating) exercise, then you're going to love hearing about inbound marketing.


Having customers come to you, instead of chasing them down one-by-one, changes everything about the process… not to mention the way buyers see you.

The difference is fundamental. No one would want to work with a doctor who had to hire a telemarketing firm to drum up appointments, but patients will wait weeks – and pay a premium – to work with one that's an expert in his or her chosen field. The difference isn't in marketing, it's in philosophy. When you're selling, no one trusts you, but when you're an informative leader with lots of credibility, new business opportunities seem to come naturally and effortlessly.

That's exactly what our inbound lead generation system is all about. It is designed to help your company in a way you'll feel on the bottom line. It’s also about changing the way you see your company as well as the way others see you in return.

It’s a Matter of Focus and Perspective

Not everyone who can buy from you is a good prospect. Recognizing that fact is a good first step towards getting away from the inefficient mass media strategies that were around long before the Internet but no longer hold water in the digital age. At Kayak, we know that having your best customers come to you means less wasted time and money, and is a good way to build brand loyalty.

By developing and utilizing in-depth marketing personas, and following a content creation strategy that is designed to ensure your messages appeal to the influencers and decision-makers that matter most, we give you a much-targeted blueprint for success. It doesn't just encompass the kinds of people you want as customers, but also what brand and marketing personality you want to put forward. From there, creating content and offers that your prospects will respond to comes naturally.

That focus, and the right match between your message and your audience, lets you talk to prospects in a way they love and understand. They won't take the time to follow up on generic sales pitches, but they will respond to offers that seem perfectly-tailored to their needs and questions.

How to Move Qualified Leads Through an Automated Sales Funnel

Unlike a lot of marketing plans and systems, that start online but end with you or your sales team making weekly phone calls to prospects who feel pestered, our process is built on automated points of contact.


Because offers are layered to route through a sales funnel – with broad topics and downloads at the top leading to more substantial in-depth resources and contact opportunities at the bottom – it's up to your prospects to decide how much to engage with you at any point in time. Because they choose when and how to take each next step, you don't have to resort to old-school sales techniques to move things along (and annoy your potential customers in the process). Instead, you simply monitor prospects and watch for them to reach out when they're ready to take the next step. That allows you to remain in a consultant role while positioning you as a valuable source of assistance instead of a marketer to haggle with or ignore.

We'll help you develop systems that are structured and personalized all at the same time. That way, customers can connect the dots for themselves, all while getting a better sense of what you can do for them with each new interaction.

Gauging Progress With Meaningful Metrics


At KAYAK, we don't want our clients to have to guess about how their Internet marketing campaigns are doing, and we don't want them to settle for intermediate goals such as "search engine improvement" that only tell half the story. Our focus is on helping you to get more sales opportunities from your website, and we measure our progress accordingly.

Using a detailed quality score system, we monitor and tweak our client websites on a weekly basis to ensure that you aren't just adding to your website, but are also engaging with customers as deeply as possible. By studying search engine rankings, social activity, visits and page viewing trends, we can identify developing trends on your website before they are obvious. That way, when the leads start pouring in, we can tell you exactly where they're coming from and what we need to do to keep improving in the future.

Inbound lead generation takes the right mix of market awareness, content creation, and compelling offers. At KAYAK, we have a proven system for helping our clients make the most of all three in automated sales funnels. Why would you want anything less from your web presence?

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