Helping the Zedi team unlock the potential of HubSpot

Marketing and Redesign Case Study

Marketing and Redesign Case Study

Zedi Artificial Lift
Redesign (HubSpot)

HubSpot website redesign

How a short term project with Zedi turned into a long term partnership and better results

Zedi is a leading oil and gas technology and services company in the field of production operations. Their unique combination of award-winning automation, data management, and field and professional services means they can offer complete solutions for the challenges their customers encounter.

Goals and Objectives

Zedi came to KAYAK looking for help developing a simple email campaign. It wasn’t until they saw how KAYAK’s approach to online marketing (where we take a holistic approach to campaign development and personalization) helped them focus their efforts that they realized how much more they could do with their overall marketing – especially their website.


KAYAK worked closely with the Zedi team to coach them and offer valuable insight along the way. This allowed them to gain understanding about how to strategically create and deploy email campaigns, how to strategically design pages for SEO and user experience, and how to strategically organize content to aid user experience and search. KAYAK worked with the Zedi team for over six months, coaching and mentoring them about how to get the most out of the HubSpot platform their site is on, and how to incorporate inbound marketing to build business and generate quality leads.


Zedi and KAYAK were able to do a collaborative deployment for their website (with hundreds of pages) saving them thousands of dollars in content porting costs and gave them true ownership over their site. This collaborative process allowed them to fully understand HubSpot software and empowered them to confidently execute their strategic online marketing efforts moving forward.


Baseline Score: 43/100
Score at time of Writing: 73/100
Improvement: +30

Note: website scores fluctuate with competitor activity, visitor activity, social engagement and algorithm changes.