Sterling Cooper Is Dead

And so is the old way of working with your marketing agency partner.

Putting Education, Marketing, and Automation to Work in a New Collaborative Business Model That Gets Results

In an industry that prides itself on being “cutting edge,” most web designers (and their clients) follow an incredibly outdated business model. It’s time to say goodbye to outdated strategies and so-called “best practices,” and hello to EMA…

In this quick, easy-to-read and -understand guide, you’ll discover a proven approach to getting the most from your website and your creative agency. It’s a handbook for marketing strategy and a blueprint for inbound lead generation all in one.

By introducing and explaining the three pillars of EMA – Education, Marketing, and Automation – we’ll change the way you think about your web presence, including:

  1. Why you have to partner with your online team, not be dependent on them.
  2. How to turn lead generation into a self-perpetuating cycle.
  3. What it takes to put familiar online marketing tools to much better use.

This free PDF outlines the steps we take at Kayak to generate triple-digit increases in sales opportunities for our customers. It’s yours, completely free of charge, once you register on the right. Get your copy of this eye-opening e-book now!