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Principal of Kayak Online Marketing

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In 2011, I set out to create a different kind of online agency. One that works to empower clients with knowledge and ethical business strategies to run their own sites.

A prolific blogger, I write about leading the charge for improved business standards in the digital marketing space.

In 2013, The Financial Post Magazine featured me in their annual Entrepreneur/Innovator edition with a 2-page article titled Keep Running. To date, I've worked with more than 500 companies, ranging from solopreneurs to multi-nationals.

My team and I are currently finishing up an online marketing training for practitioners and a coaching program for business execs and business coaches.

Focussing my life on the pursuit of success for both clients and our business, I believe in creating win/win/win solutions, am more focused on solutions than a sale, am considerate, respectful, ethical, and have a passion for fair dealing, along with bringing a hand-picked team of talented professionals to every table.

An avid hiker and kayaker, I scale the Rockies and padding around ponds and travel the globe at every opportunity.

Small Business of the Year Finalist 2013

Findability ebook cover

I'm the author of Findability: Why Search Engine Optimization is Dying + 21 New Rules of Content Marketing. A quick and meaningful read for those responsible for content creation/direction in small to medium businesses or marketing departments of larger organizations. Currently available in 13 countries and in 10 languages for the Kindle Reader, and as an audiobook and paperback in English.

Building Better Business Websites ebook cover

Published in October of 2013, Building a Better Business Website: 10 Crucial Strategies for Turning Your Online Presence Into Something Your Company Can Actually Use, is an easy to read book that will provide an overview of the important aspects of a successful attraction-based marketing website. This book is currently available in 13 countries and 10 languages for the Kindle Reader and in paperback in English.

Disruption in social for business

I'm also a co-author of Disruption: How Successful People Use Social Media for Business. Currently available on Kindle Reader, this book is full of real life insights into how and why to use social media to build business from men and women who use it everyday.


Content formatting and page structure are significant components of successful search optimization and lead qualification. The Little Black Book of Content Structure for SEO and UX eBook. Although the process of including key phrases, refining content, and setting up internal links can seem a bit tedious at first, it’s a skill that becomes second nature over time and more powerful as you optimize your content again and again. As has become the customary with my books, this Little Black Book has been written to provide you with straight forward, actionable guidance on making the most of your website, no matter if you are a developer, designer, webmaster, marketer, or do-it-yourselfer. Published on December 29, 2015.

E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee 2015

Randy presents "Blogging for Lead Capture" to a gathering of blossoming web marketers and small business people in Calgary Alberta. Check out our events.

Randy presents blogging for lead capture

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An entrepreneur and regular volunteer, I fuel his creativity via worldwide travel and information exchanges with counterparts from around the globe (expanded most recently with the help of GooglePlus). I have visited work sites in Canada, the USA, France, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia and Germany.

cropped-craftbeergear-logo300.pngOn the chance you might be a craft beer fan, I have a little side project I'm sure you are going to love. Check out my Craft Beer Fan page or Instagram account today.