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KAYAK advanced lead capture websites help you grow your business online.

At KAYAK, we believe in designing business websites that work for you. We do that by thoroughly understanding your business, your prospects and your business goals before we begin building your website.

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At KAYAK, we believe in building business websites that work for you. We do that by thoroughly understanding your business, your prospects and your business goals before we begin building your website.

Our process combines solid web marketing thinking with proven lead capture practices.


Step 1. Online marketing strategy

At KAYAK, we help you focus your efforts on your very best prospects — the ones who are most likely to do business with you soon, and keep buying from you well into the future. We work with you to understand your business goals, get to know your prospects and gain an insight into what they are looking for. We help you form a lead capture strategy for sustainable business growth.


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Step 2. Creative development

Once we know your business goals and have identified your key personas, it’s time to work with you to map everything out matching your prospects buyer’s journeys with your sales funnel. Through this process, we work with you to create a website and online marketing collateral that include visual design and copywriting of web and landing pages, custom forms, email messages, offers, and thank-you pages.


Creative Development

Step 3. Website design & deployment

For the vast majority of modern business, a good content management system (CMS) is what is needed to launch and maintain a hard working business website. We work with you to identify the right CMS for your project. And then we focus on developing the right set of professional web templates and layouts for your business… and appealing to your prospects. All the visual design choices we make for your site are solidly rooted in the online marketing strategy created to help you meet your business goals.


Web Design & Development

Step 4. Content optimization

This is where everything comes together before launch. Your new website, your messaging, and the visual design strategy, along with offers meant to attract new leads again and again.

Step 5. Inbound marketing

We’re different from a traditional agency. We empower. We guide. We teach. And, most importantly, we work alongside you to deploy a comprehensive marketing strategy that will work for you beyond the work you are doing with us. We share our knowledge and strategies around content creation, social engagement, and other day-to-day online marketing activities because when you succeed, we have succeeded.


Inbound Marketing

Website search optimization (included)

The best SEO strategy you can follow today is one that is based on well structured, unique, high-quality content meant to inform and attract visitors and open dialogue. Throughout the creation of your website, we’ll help you develop search-optimized content and site structure that appeals to website visitors and search engines alike. When you engage us to help you create a better business website, search optimization is included because it is the heart of everything we do.


Search Optimization

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