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Identify Your Ideal Marketing Personas Part 1

Get the clearest vision of who your marketing should reach.

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Get the clearest vision of who your marketing should reach.

UPDATED for 2016

Self-Guiding Marketing Persona Tool

Persona 1 of 2: The Decision-Maker

The decision-maker is the person who ultimately has to sign on the dotted line, sign the cheque, and/or approve the budget before you can get your sale. The more you can picture an individual rather than a demographic when you are thinking about your audience, the easier it will be to know how to create content and messages that apply directly to them.

If you think your business has multiple decision makers for a single product or service or if your website offers multiple products and services that will be directed towards different decision makers, you should create different personas for each one.

We will email you a Persona Identification report at the completion of both Decision-maker and Influencer forms. Please note that the selections you make do not exclude others. They are simply used to provide focus.