Website Maintenance Plans

Put KAYAK’s years of online experience to work for your business now.


Let’s make sure your website is working for your business, not against it.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you through the technical mumbo jumbo of your website and make sure nothing in your website is holding your business back, now is a perfect opportunity to connect with a member of our expert team.

A top-line look at our unique approach to website maintenance:

  1. Fix obvious errors and address critical items
  2. Optimize content for SEO and Visitors
  3. Dig into link opportunities and competitors

Support Plan
Individual blocks $1500
(1 block)

General help and support plus website maintenance services. See plan details below.

Action Plan
Individual blocks $1500
(2 blocks)

The Support Plan plus proactive SEO and lead capture activities. See plan details below.

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Support Plan: Support on demand with time to address website maintenance and general help topics such as content edits and updates. For Wordpress Websites, security and plugin updates, site backups, KAYAK licensing of key tools is included. This plan addresses general labour items and website maintenance. Customers not requesting support may simply see time dissipate over a longer term as our team performs bi-weekly website updates, backups, and maintenace activities. Up to 10 hours per month.

Action Plan: All elements of the Support Plan plus proactive review and action items from our Fix, Optimize and Dig approach to help you get ahead. Plus, coaching and technical support, with free access to KAYAK's educational lunch n' learns and networking events. Our team not only provides the general support and website maintenance you'll find in the Support Plan, but also works to help your site improve it's search optimization and lead capture opportunities. Up to 20 hours per month.

  • Time Blocks cover up to 10 hours of labour.
  • Customers benefit from predictable pre-paid support fees and may opt to have us set up auto-debit for uninterrupted service on recurring plans.
  • Our team tracks time. For customers purchasing individual time blocks, once the alloted time is used up, you'll need to purchase another block to avoid interruption of service. Time blocks do not expire, they are simply used up.
  • Detailed time tracking reporting is available upon request within 10 days of invoice, related efforts deducted from the time block.
  • Customers are responsible to pay for efforts required to address their website issues beyond the plan purchased by purchasing additional blocks.
  • Please review our general Terms of Service.