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If you have met with a web design studio, ad agency, SEO or creative shop in the past few years, you might have noticed two things: first, that the services being offered tend to overlap, and secondly that most follow the same 'old' process to get their clients a website, or more customers.

It looks something like this:

  1. Client presents problem
  2. Agency presents project-based options
  3. Client approves selected projects
  4. Agency goes away to execute the work
  5. Client pays a big fat bill
  6. Actual results uncertain
  7. Client seeks alternate agency
  8. Process repeats.

This way of doing business certainly makes sure tasks are completed, but does it really put the focus and attention where it belongs? Wouldn't it be better to pay more attention to the results that are needed, instead of a checklist of things to do (er, try)?

At KAYAK, we've embraced a new way of doing things – one that is based on shared goals, increased communication, and the idea that clients and their marketing teams can work together. Most importantly, it's built upon the notion that we should be looking for lead generation results that are 'bigger'.

We achieve 'bigger' by following our proprietary system for online success. We know this system works because we've executed it, for ourselves and our clients, countless times. And, we are living proof it can do dramatic things for any legit business...

Is this something you believe in your heart you can be a part of and excel at?

If your answer is yes, then fill out the form. If we agree, we'll be in contact.

KAYAK offers a unique compensation package for all full time employees.

  • At-least-you-won't-starve starting salary (first 3 months)
  • Learning-oriented environment
  • Comprehensive Benefits Package
  • Advancement/Bonuses/Salary increases based on performance