Search optimization (SEO) is at the heart of everything we do.

Search engines have started to reward business websites that offer the same things customers have wanted all along: unique and compelling content with answers to their questions.

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Search engines have started to reward business websites that offer the same things customers have wanted all along: unique and compelling content with answers to their questions.

Search Optimization for Every Website

The best SEO strategy you can follow today is one that is based on well structured, unique, high-quality content meant to inform and attract visitors and open dialogue. Throughout the creation of your website, we’ll help you develop search-optimized content and site structure that appeals to website visitors and search engines alike. When you engage us to help you create a better business website, search optimization is included because it is the heart of everything we do.

Properly fashioned search optimization generates more than numbers — it generates leads

Create a web presence that has that and you won't just be easier to find on the web, you'll start to build trust and credibility with your customers too.

All the visitors in the world won't matter if you can't convince the right people – your best prospects – to pay attention and take action.

search optimization and findability

For that reason, we won't even begin to optimize websites for our clients until we understand who their most important customers are, what their everyday language is, and what their company has to offer them. That isn't just background research, it’s the basis for a successful approach that matches the right messages to the correct audience.

We will show you how to use blog articles, guest posts, social media, and other channels that are appropriate for your unique audience, to help you build a web of influence so you can connect with your very best prospects. You’ll then use that reach to engage them on multiple levels and persuade them to take advantage of your content offers. The more your prospects interact with your company, and your content, the deeper they'll willingly go into your sales and marketing funnel.

Your detailed and big picture search optimization solution

The big picture for your business is the quality of the content you are offering. Whereas the minutiae are the technical aspects of search. Both aspects can be daunting. We work with you to make sure both are working the way they need to to bring the right people to your site.

Using our decades of combined experience with Google and search theory, we make our clients’ content easier to find in a number of ethical ways.

Our search optimization audits assess the current strengths and weaknesses of your website while reviewing your site’s historical data. We may also closely examine your competitors to determine what advantages you have, along with areas of your website/web presence and search profile that require improvement.

Overall, we can help you refine your content so it’ll be easier for people to find. We can’t forget that writing to search engines is useless – search engines don’t buy anything. But, by making tiny edits and additions where needed, you can craft content that's inviting and interesting to people, which in turn is good for search visibility.

Lastly, we can help you with schema markup and microdata that makes sure content is easier for search engines to catalogue and understand. Google, Yahoo, and Bing (along with social media sites like Facebook) let you tell them what your content is all about. Although not every marketer or web designer needs take full advantage of this, using this feature is a great way to make your pages stand out.

Experiencing Search Issues?

We offer three audit-style search optimization services:

  1. Preliminary Audit (Site Health Review & Reporting)
  2. Expanded Audit (Investigate Issues)
  3. Advanced SEO (Proactive Consulting, Coaching & Optimization)

Search optimization coaching for your in-house team

KAYAK offers online and in-person coaching sessions for web designers, marketers, and others who want to move beyond the old search engine optimization tricks and find the tools and strategies that really work today.

In these sessions, we cover a wide range of topics, including: how search engines work, the best ways to create and deploy content, what you need to do after adding a new post or page to your site, as well as the relationship between search engine optimization and social media.

If you want to break out of fading traditional keyword-matching systems and succeed in the new world of search marketing, this could be your perfect opportunity.

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