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Gutenberg + HubSpot = Super-site on a Shoestring

Posted by Randy Milanovic on Feb 27, 2019 8:18:00 AM

You may have heard... in the midst of the Christmas rush 2018, Automattic (WordPress’s parent company) deployed Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor, freaked out millions of users, and frustrated developers as well.

The new editor changed the very nature of how publishing works in WordPress by introducing Blocks (modules) that replaced the familiar word-processor-like text-editing interface.

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Should shares, testimonials, and pie charts go poof?

Posted by Randy Milanovic on Feb 6, 2019 8:46:00 AM

I have to ask: does Social Proof still hold value in 2019?

It's one of the concepts internet marketers love to talk about, even bemoan the loss of (share counts discontinued in 2015 by Twitter, for example). And it’s one of those phrases – like “internet marketers” itself – that doesn’t really have a clear meaning. Does that mean it doesn’t have any clear value, either?

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What does the Gutenberg Editor in Wordpress mean for my website?

Posted by Randy Milanovic on Dec 13, 2018 7:13:00 AM

If you are a Wordpress user thinking of updating from version 4.9.8 to 5.0, you may want to read this. Unless of course, you like to get caught napping.

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The Best Web Metric of them All

Posted by Randy Milanovic on Nov 27, 2018 7:19:00 AM

Every time I see articles that focus on designing for new apps (like Gutenberg, Wordpress' next-gen editor), the latest design trends (like flat design), or visuals that are supposedly “outside the box” (meaning non-standardized) I have to roll my eyes just a little bit.

I’m not saying these things don’t matter because they still do, but that they should they take a back seat to a few other things. You know, the ones that make you money.

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Get more from Your Discovery Process by Asking More Questions

Posted by Randy Milanovic on Oct 29, 2018 1:32:09 PM

One of my clients once described the client discovery process we use at Kayak as being like therapy, except longer and with more crying. :) He was obviously joking, but I will freely admit that we spend more time getting to know our clients than they expect.

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My Chat Bot Adventure (with Insights into Automating Lead Gen)

Posted by Randy Milanovic on Sep 26, 2018 1:38:32 PM

One of the guiding principles behind my firm – and really, my life – is that you need to be willing to try new things. That helps me stay young, I think, but also helps to avoid getting too complacent in an ever-changing digital marketing world.

I preface this post with that bit of insight because I recently decided to try a tactic I think many of my clients and colleagues would probably like to know more about: using a chat bot on my website.

Here’s what happened - the good and the bad - along with what I learned…

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The 7 Deadly Sins Your Agency Should Never Commit

Posted by Randy Milanovic on Sep 9, 2018 12:04:35 PM

One of the biggest beliefs we hold at Kayak is that it’s a good idea to tell the truth, even when it hurts. We have put that idea into practice a lot the last couple of years, particularly when it comes to addressing ethical issues we see within our industry.

Today, I’m laying out what we think are the seven deadly sins that no agency or marketing company should commit, and that no client should accept…

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Are You Paying Your SEOs to Fail?

Posted by Randy Milanovic on Aug 20, 2018 7:37:00 AM

I usually try to focus on solid advice and real world case studies meant to be helpful to business owners, marketing executives, and even other marketers. But today I want to share what search engine optimization (SEO) failure looks like.

My hope is that some of you will see this story and avoid making the same kinds of mistakes.

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Why Awards Aren’t Always as Prestigious as They Seem, Except When They Are

Posted by Randy Milanovic on Jul 11, 2018 3:49:20 PM

If you’re searching for a marketing or web firm to help you establish a new online presence, then it makes sense to work with an award-winning firm, right?

Hm. Maybe not...

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Do Local Businesses Really Need an SEO Retainer?

Posted by Randy Milanovic on Jun 4, 2018 5:53:08 PM

Back when I first opened up our digital marketing firm, search engine optimization (SEO) was thought of as a niche, technical topic. Now, it’s unusual for me to run into a business owner who doesn’t have some sort of search consultant they are paying a monthly retainer to.

It seems like every company, no matter how small, is forking over somewhere between $300-$1000 each month to help them make their websites more visible on Google. It’s worth asking whether what they are getting in return is worth the cost. Do small and local businesses even need to pay SEO retainers in the first place?

Let’s look at a couple of relevant questions and issues and then come back to find an answer…

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