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A unique online marketing approach born of stage IV cancer and an economic downturn.

We are skilled marketers working to help you achieve your business goals and build your business online via content marketing and lead capture.

We are skilled marketers working to help you achieve your business goals and build your business online via content marketing and lead capture.

randy-2016-sq-200Randy Milanovic
CEO of Kayak Online Marketing

Our goal is to help you build your business following smart strategy. We are creating building blocks for your future. Everything we do together becomes a template or foundation for everything you want to do moving forward.

Online marketing without the same old, same old

It’s not every company that is born from the collision of cancer and an economic downturn. But it is those two, seemly-unrelated yet simultaneous, events that led Randy – a Calgary marketing expert – to realize he couldn’t keep doing SEO, websites, advertising and marketing the same old way anymore.

You may remember 2009. We sure do.

The global downturn resulted in a lot of good people losing their homes and their businesses. For our founder Randy, it brought a stage IV cancer diagnosis in early September.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Randy set out to conquer the cancer, and conquer it he did

Health crisis overcome, Randy and longtime right hand guy Paul Trieu surveyed what was left of their once thriving graphic design business, noting that the only business remaining was web-related. 

The digital aspects of visual communications had arrived, and with considerable force. Accepting this, Randy and Paul decided that if they were going to do websites, they wanted to do them exceptionally well.

"Exceptionally well" isn't the norm in an industry where SEO, Social media, Web design, and Advertising efforts are commonly siloed efforts that only temporarily impact ROI (with a real potential to generate no real ROI at all). Together, they were determined to change the ROI picture by connecting activities to business outcomes, incorporating process, and applying proven business strategies to drive more sustainable and cumulative business growth.



As it turns out, we aren't the only ones who like this approach. KAYAK was nominated and became a double-finalist in the 2013 Small Business Awards with the Calgary Chamber of Commerce for Breakout Business and Small Business of the Year, and has been mentioned or featured in Forbes, CTV News, The Financial Post, and Inc., as well as many other media and websites.

Truth is, we’re in the new-business business


In the first two years, KAYAK partnered with a long list of businesses that were able to see as much as a 600% increase in new leads from the work they did together. And, best of all, it’s the businesses that we’ve worked with that have become our biggest ambassadors.

Our Process


2013 Small Business of the Year Finalist and 2013 Breakout Business Finalist

Small Business Week Calgary
Calgary Chamber of Commerce

hubspot-platinum-partner.pngCalgary Chamber of Commerce Member 2018

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