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Selected testimonials include Letters, LinkedIn Recommendations and HubSpot Service Marketplace Partner Reviews

scott shibley inspirusMany thanks to you and your staff for the great work that was done in creating the brand envisioning and website for Inspirus. The branding session was well crafted, and the Story book was very well written and told our unique story. Kayak took our creative vision, assets, and thought leadership materials and built a cohesive back-end system for our website. Kayak also helped Inspirus create successful workflows and CTA's. We are proud of our site and we thank you and the entire staff at Kayak for all of the great work that was done! – Scott Shibley, Inspirus Rewards
david amerland linkedin 04ab6e8Semantic search and the semantic web 3.0 are a big deal. There is a gradual, accelerating transition from a web of websites to a web of people that magnifies every challenge possible. Marketing, branding and the 'simple' ability to do business have changed. In this new environment you don't just need an execution agency. You need a business partner. Someone who will take the trouble to understand your business and then work like it is theirs, adding their in-depth skills and expertise to your company's mix. I have found Randy to be incredibly thoughtful, innovative, driven and focused. But above all these qualities he is also honest, trustworthy and human at a level that is humbling. I have absolutely no reservation recommending his services and his company to any business looking for an edge in the new semantic web. – David Amerland, Author of Google Semantic Search, March 9, 2014.
Great Problem Solving and Delivery for Responsive Randy and his team provided top delivery for a complex site migration. Sometimes delivering what a client wants from what they have is at the margins of what technology and budgets can deliver. Kayak delivered with skill and unfettered professionalism. – Peter Birnbaum, February 24 2014
donna neumann linkedin 374e9ecThe team at Kayak masterminded a strategic and technical revamp of our website, delivering awesome results! They marry up an unusual mix of skills combining big picture thinking with equal attention to detail. Randy himself has an incredible knowledge of marketing in general, specific knowledge and application of on-line techniques, and a great eye for design aesthetics. KAYAK is clearly committed to the highest professional and ethical standards. Working with them has been an excellent business decision, one which I look forward to continuing as we build out additional components of our website. And Randy is very good at convincing an impatient client, yours truly, that it is worth making an effort to achieve the best outcome! Have already mentioned to several people that if they want quality and consistency for their web development and/or on-line marketing, Randy and his team at Kayak should be their go-to service provider. – Donna Neumann, LinkedIn January 23, 2014.
amber speers linkedin 255088dI am a big fan of KAYAK's blog I just wanted to thank you for putting such great information out on your blog, and for being such an innovator in the internet marketing industry. I have been in the industry for about 6 years now, and I can tell when someone is doing things right. You are." – November 11, 1013. – Amber Spears via LinkedIn
ernest lehti linkedin 100Win. Win. Win. Today I met with Randy Milanovic..., I have been a LinkedIn connection of his for a while because of the value he brings in his articles. I feel if I can take one golden nugget from everyone I meet and apply it to my life and job I have done well. From Randy I took several but the one I will share is something he said, "It's got to be a win, win, and win situation for everyone I do business with." I asked him why 3 wins. "A win for my company, a win for the client and a win for their client." Check out Kayak. – August 19, 1013. Ernest Lehti, Calgary Sales Manager, Arctic Chiller
kevin burns 100..."BTW, I have taken several phone calls from prospective clients over the past 2 weeks - based just on my increased and daily presence on LinkedIn (something you told me I should be doing more of). One turned into a 3-event contract over 3 days in mid-August, my absolutely slowest time of the year. Signed that one yesterday. Have a few more waiting on approvals. Looking forward to what Inbound Marketing will bring. Let me express my thanks and admiration for what you and your team do. I know it's a slow process, and patience is required but I am beginning to see the light. This process has helped me become much more clear and articulate in my offer. So, uh, thanks." – Kevin Burns - Safety Speaker/Consultant
Sound Fundamental Philosophy. KAYAK designed its training course in a way that stripped down my preceptions of social media. They walked me through a simple yet highly effective gameplan that focused on a combined approach to ELRUS' social media and internet presence. At the core of their training program is the sound fundamental philosophy that quality content leads to a quality audience. Following this policy has rapidly expanded the global reach of ELRUS' internet marketing efforts. February 18, 2013. Matthew Armstrong, Marketing Analyst
shelley pringle 100Easy to work with. We hired Randy and his team to create a landing page for one of our food industry clients. They did an amazing job of building a page that closely reflected the product's brand positioning. They also went above and beyond to incorporate subtle branding elements that our client greatly appreciated but did not overly commercialize the page. Randy is reliable, easy to work with and a true professional. February 10, 2013, Shelley Pringle PR & inbound marketing professional at Polaris PR: Big agency thinking. Small agency attitude.
Outstanding. When I first joined this company to take over their marketing department, I was frankly very hesitant about continuing on with HubSpot. While I recognised the ease-of-use CMS and great reporting it provided, based on our company's prior website design, I felt there were too many limitations for me to take the website to the next level (which was sorely needed). Turns out we just needed the pros to get at it. Randy and the Kayak Creative team changed my opinion of that. He assured me Kayak could make our new site (within a HubSpot environment) look phenomenal, so I trusted him...and am I ever glad I did. It is just that, phenomenal! Beyond the website project, however, Kayak is a terrific online marketing partner and have provided me invaluable advice on how best to integrate an online strategy into the rest of our marketing strategy. I highly recommend Kayak." Ken Wilson, Pivot Data Centres on Oct 18, 2012
""Kayak Creative is our choice! When deciding to re-design our website, we knew that Kayak Creative would be the place we would go. Randy [and hs team] did not disappoint. He was always receptive to our requests and opinions and was amazing at producing a website that matched our vision. The training that he provided using HubSpot was top notch - we always leave his office feeling like we are more prepared than when we walked in! His knowledge in online marketing and SEO optimization is amazing! We could not be happier and would highly recommend Kayak Creative to anyone! Thanks Randy and team!" Jennifer Berry on Jul 19, 2012. (☆☆☆☆☆ on HubSpot's Service Marketplace.) (☆☆☆☆☆ on HubSpot's Service Marketplace.)
greg helfrich linedin 32d47de"Great work! Randy and his team have changed the face of our marketing efforts for the good. He has helped us to understand social media in an industrial B2B market and our new website is really well designed.” July 25, 2012 Greg Helfrich, Elrus Aggregate Systems
paul jackson linkedin 0a6eee5Phenominal Results. "When we purchased Omni Circuit Boards, the Sales and Marketing plan relied on word-of-mouth and a tired mid-nineties web site. The future of the company relied on us finding the right Internet Marketing guru to partner with. Based on his portfolio, his solid reputation and an open and honest preliminary discussion, we chose to work with Randy and his team at Kayak Creative. The result of his creativity and hard work is a focused and effective marketing system that sets us far apart from the competition. I can't recommend [KAYAK] enough.” Paul Jackson July 18, 2012 (☆☆☆☆☆ on HubSpot's Service Marketplace.)
tracey wharton linkedin 3bce4f8"Fantastic. I have been working with Randy and Kayak on updating my website and maximizing it's ability to bring new business. Although I was initially hesitant to take the step, I am so glad I did. My website ranking has increased dramatically already (it's only been about a month) and I am already gaining new clients which I am confident are as a result of the work [they] did. I have had a lot of positive feedback on the site with clients telling me the straightforward approach and ease of use brought them in. I'm very pleased and would absolutely recommend working with Kayak. These guys know what they are doing." Tracy Wharton on Feb 29, 2012 (☆☆☆☆☆on HubSpot's Service Marketplace.)
“I had the pleasure of meeting Randy recently, where he offered valuable information about my website's SEO. His education in this area surpassed any information I could have obtained on my own. Randy’s patience and willingness to answer my questions did not go unnoticed. I would recommend Kayak Creative Services Inc. to any business in need of updating and improving traffic to their website.” March 6, 2012 Lara Palset, Owner, Lara Palset Photography
"[KAYAK] never ceases to amaze me. With a 1 hour meeting I have [gained concrete] knowledge on the importance of keywords, linking, and backend social media. Randy has always been known for his unique creativity but the [application] of his new knowledge and skills makes him a precious contact to have in your "rolodex". Call him, hire him and see for yourself.” November 25, 2011 Ryan Berry
“Randy is interesting, informative and fascinating. No matter what he does, he does with enthusiasm, energy and commitment. He is a joy to be around - infectious joy. Keep up the great work with clients and others.” November 22, 2011 Jeff Nelson, President, Anduro Marketing
"[KAYAK] has proven to be a valuable asset as a resource for our group of companies. Randy's creative thinking coupled with an ability to clarify subject matter and messages has given us direction and insight into who we are. In essence he becomes part of your team with an objective point of view that is actionable and results-oriented.” November 8, 2011 Jody Lockhart
“I have collaborated with Randy on many projects for more than 11 years. His professionalism and enthusiasm for what he does is infectious and second to none. When it comes to creating great marketing products, that fit within a budget, is delivered on time, and gets great results, Randy and his team should definately be your go to agency.” November 4, 2011 Ted Knude, Owner, Ted Knude Photography
"Randy has always been a joy to work with, He is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has successfully developed several amazing marketing plans for the companies I have worked for. I would highly recommend Randy as key player in promoting your ideas,company or strategies. Randy is a unique individual who will certainly make a positive impact in all his endeavours. November 4, 2011 Dean Dragland, Account Executive, Anvy Digital
“A hard working, problem solver and more. Randy always makes himself available. Clients stay with him for many years.” November 3, 2011 Paul Trieu, Partner, Client Service, KAYAK Creative Services Inc.
"I have had the pleasure of working with HandyRandy Communications (sister company to Kayak Creative) for over 9 years. Randy Milanovic was a key consultant in the early stages of the Level 2 concept. Randy designed our branding and determined market direction and focus during start up. The initial corporate branding package Randy designed for us was critical to the successful launch of Level 2. We continue to work with HandyRandy Communications for our marketing initiatives including customized catalogs, creative promotional product development, and website consulting. Our success would not have been possible without the valuable assistance from the team at HandyRandy Communications. Randy has demonstrated an elite level of business acumen and a skill in graphic design that never ceases to amaze me. I would not hesitate to recommend HandyRandy Communications to anyone looking for a truly unique creative experience.” May 11, 2011 Ryan Berry
“Randy was a real pleasure to work on behalf of my clients needs. His advertising campaigns were very insightful from concept to design, very accommodating on tight deadlines and always proud of his design work.” April 22, 2010 Linda MacQuarrie, Sales Executive, Source Media Group
"I have worked with Randy on a number of assignments. He thinks things through, works strategically and comes up with great solutions. He delivers too: on time and on budget.” October 2, 2009 Rosemarie Enslin
“Randy has helped our firm with graphic design from concept to implementation. He walked us through a thorough approach which helped us to integrate a design consistent with our firm's values and objectives.” June 6, 2009 Sterling Rempel, CFP
"Randy's creative execution delivers on the objective every time. He also has the ability to manage multiple projects and gets it done. I hope to work with Randy again in the future.” May 28, 2009 Gary Marx, Media Planner & Buyer, Highwood Communications Ltd
“It was a pleasure to provide components of Randy's creation for a global Oil corporation. Randy's friendly yet efficient directive style made for a great success and he subsequently followed that project with other opportunities for me to work with him. I felt I was an appreciated supplier which can be uncommon even after succeeding with projects. Yea! to Randy too for his great attitude on other business and life matters.” May 8, 2009 Addison Lanier, Owner, SkyConcept Product Design, ArcSys FrameWorks
"Randy has the ability to ask the right questions to capture your ideas and then, using his creative talents, he makes magic.” May 1, 2009 David Bradley
“I have used Randy to develop materials for a venture I was a part of and saw his work at companies I consulted with. A true professional at B2B marketing and good judge of content. Randy has high ethical standards and makes the non-marketing expert feel comfortable.” April 30, 2009 Greg Helfrich
"I had the pleasure of volunteering with Randy through the Society of Graphic Designers, Alberta South Chapter (GDC/ABS). Randy was instrumental in producing several successful event promotions for our Chapter events.” April 29, 2009 Catherine Garden, FGDC, Student, School Of Visual Arts New York
“Randy and I have worked on a few projects with clients. Randy has great ideas and he works well with people. I endorse his services strongly.” April 29, 2009 Jeff Nelson, President, Anduro Marketing
"Randy is a creative, innovative designer. He's to the point and easy to work with. Randy understands how to come up with strong solutions to client needs.” April 29, 2009 Guy Parsons, Principal, GP/VC Inc.
“Randy has always been very passionate about helping his clients, and our clients succeed.” April 29, 2009 Stephan Rota
"I have worked with Randy for many clients over the past years. He is a creative strategist and designer who creates positive marketing results for clients. When creating marketing plans and products for his clients, Randy always draws from his strategic alliances he has created over time. In doing this he gives his clients just what they need, while keeping costs down.” March 31, 2009 Ted Knude, Photographer, Ted Knude Photography
“We interviewed with Randy to discuss his services/recommendations. I found him to be very creative & honest. Randy forced us to take a hard look at the customer's experience within our retail stores, pointing out some weaknesses & inconsistencies. He made excellent suggestions that I fully supported. I would wholeheartedly recommend Randy for his company's marketing services.” January 18, 2009 Rick Couture, Retail Sales & Marketing Director, Go-Mango Fitness Equipment

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