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Search Engine Optimization For Lead Generation

At Kayak, we take a different approach to search engine optimization. Google spiders love us (more on that below), but more importantly, real-world customers do, too. We dominate search listings not only because we understand keywords, domain names, and meta-tags, but also because we know how search visitor engagement fits into the mix.

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The result is a high level of search visibility, but without the games and gimmicks that so many other digital agencies rely on. Everything we do is designed to help buyers find you and take action. That's why we insist that strong marketing instincts, compelling content, and prime search engine real estate have to go hand-in-hand.

Penguins, Pandas, and Hummingbirds Don't Buy Anything

Even though most of the online marketing and search engine optimization world is busy chasing the latest trends and fads, we just keep emphasizing our core values of building high-quality content and links. The strategy isn't edgy, but the results just might be.

If you'd rather be at the leading edge of search engine optimization, instead of trying to pick up the pieces after the latest Google algorithm update, then you'll love the way we approach SEO and findability.

The Proof is Right in Front of You

How can we be sure that our non-traditional approach to search engine optimization actually works? That's easy – just look at how our relatively new company, with only two years of history, has been able to rank above dozens of well-known and highly regarded SEO agencies.

By pursuing things in a common sense way, we've been able to overtake many of the so-called experts. Best of all, our advantage gets bigger with each passing month, because a search engine ranking built on highly visible, intelligently optimized content is more sustainable than one that's based on hidden tags and high keyword density.

In this graphic, we show the results of blogging 2x per week over 1x per week. The result has been double the traffic, and as much as 5x the lead generation. 

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Using Search as a First Step

As important as search engine optimization is to any company that does business over the Internet, we know that attracting traffic to your business website is just a first step – it's only when you catch the attention of the right prospects and engage them that future sales opportunities can be created.

And so, we use SEO as a tool to help you keep adding new contacts to your sales funnel. Otherwise, you're just accumulating visits and page views… and where is the value in that?


A note on Keywords and Pay Per Click

There's been a fundamental shift in the way search optimization is approached.

The new semantic search no longer relies on keywords specifically, but takes a logical view, including references to related content. What this means is that keyword ranking for number one in search results is entirely relative.

These charts show a dramatic increase in ranking keywords since the Hummingbird Algorithm update came into effect. Looks great, but really doesn't mean a lot unless accompanied with quality content and engagement.

106 keywords   keywords NOV 2013


If your content can rank for it, why would you pay for it?

Granted there are some circumstances when Pay Per Click (PPC, AdWords) and Cost Per Thousand (CPM, Banner Ads) work (see this article), but over all, when you can create great content that propels you up the ranks for free – and then stays there – we have to ask, "why on earth would you want to pay for it?"


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