Advanced Search Engine Optimization and Recovery Services

When Great Content Isn't Quite Enough, We Dig Deeper into Search Optimization Challenges


Our Search Engine Optimization Process – When Great Content Isn't Quite Enough

You suspect your website is broken. The clues are all there... rankings are dropping, visits are not growing, leads are drying up, and deploying content hasn't helped. It's time to start digging deeper.


We’ll look at your site and your domain's history. Then, we'll check out your competition, review any manual actions you may have received, and compare our findings against algorythmic changes. And we'll talk, a lot.

The purpose is simple: we'd like to figure out exactly what is happening, try to determine the cause, and see what can be done to help your site recover. Following our investigation, we'll report and recommend the most appropriate steps needed to develop the search engine optimization strategy that makes the most sense in your unique circumstances.

Our Advanced SEO Services include...

Index Audit


The first step toward improving your search engine position is often to identify problems that keep your site from being as easily found as it could be. Our index audit will help us zero in on your current level of search visibility and target immediate areas for improvement by seeing how search engines view and interact with your website. Our index audit includes a review of:

  • Which pages on your website have been indexed
  • Where you currently rank for relevant keywords and phrases
  • Any problems like missing content or broken links

Once we have this information in hand, we can make a list of the most important actions to take and prioritize them for follow-up.

Site Audit


Once we know how search engine spiders are looking at your site, it's time to review individual pages, content, and the website’s structure as a whole.

Unlike a lot of other creative teams that work with search engine optimization, we begin a site audit with an overview of your editorial content, ensuring that your copywriting is clear, concise, and professional. Only then do we move on to the more technical elements of website coding, navigational structure, file names, and server configuration.

Each of these works together to make your site more visible to search engines and more appealing to actual searchers. As with the index audit, we'll compile a prioritized list of further actions to be taken at the end of the site audit.

CMS Audit


Although most content management systems (CMS) are compatible with search engine optimization campaigns, the way they are used and configured isn't necessarily helping you build your Google rankings. This can be especially true if you use e-commerce platforms for site structure, updates, and online marketing.

We'll work with you to help you not only ensure that your CMS is set up properly, but also that you're getting the maximum search engine benefit from every new page or piece of content you create.

Up-to-Date SEO Strategy


Google’s semantic process for matching search queries to results has revolutionized the way websites, content creators, and individual pages are analyzed and cataloged. But, you can't take advantage until you update your approach to search engine optimization. In fact, trying to do things the way businesses have in the past is more likely to hurt your search engine positioning than help it.

Along with a review of the technical aspects of your website, we’ll also analyze your content strategy to ensure that you are in alignment with the latest semantic knowledge. We'll also make sure you can take advantage of the growing number of mobile users who factor more heavily into search marketing than ever before. And, we'll show you how you can optimize your website for local search visibility, which can open new doors to buyers in your geographic area.

Finally, we’ll review your website for search engine optimization best practices so your results won't be limited just to Google. The goal is to give you an organic search presence that can grow in both scope and effectiveness over time, not a "quick fix" of SEO tricks.

SEO Training for in-House Teams


KAYAK offers online and in-person training coaching sessions for web designers, marketers, and others who want to move beyond the old search engine optimization tricks and find the tools and strategies that really work today.

In these sessions, we cover a wide range of topics, including: how search engines work, the best ways to create and deploy content, what you need to do after adding a new post or page to your site, as well as the relationship between search engine optimization and social media.

If you want to break out of fading traditional keyword-matching systems and succeed in the new world of search marketing, this could be your perfect opportunity.

A note about Keywords and Pay Per Click

Beginning in August of 2013, there's been a fundamental shift in the way search optimization is viewed by Google and approached by ethical marketers.

The new semantic search no longer relies on keywords specifically, but takes a logical view, including references to related content. What this means is that keyword ranking to be number one in search results is entirely relative.

These charts show a dramatic increase in ranking keywords for KAYAK since the Hummingbird Algorithm update came into effect in AUG of last year. While the increase is amazing, it only has real value when accompanied by quality content and online engagement.

106 keywords   keywords NOV 2013


If your content can rank for it, why would you pay for it?

Granted there are some circumstances when Pay Per Click (PPC, AdWords) and Cost Per Thousand (CPM, Banner Ads) work (see this article), but over all, when you can create great content that propels you up the ranks for free – and then stays there – we have to ask, "why on earth would you want to pay for it?"