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Getting and remaining active online is important

The right kinds of online activity associated with a well constructed business website help to grow your presence and contribute to a favourable online presence.

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At Kayak, we work to build a strong web presence for your business. Deploying our proprietary system – EMA – is key, and has the effect of maintaining and growing your website quality scores, as well as generating new business opportunities.

In our experience, websites achieving and maintaining a score of 70/100 or better see considerably more visitors, generate more qualified leads and enjoy a more successful online presence than those scoring less than 70.

It is our goal to elevate your website quality score above the 70-point threshold as quickly as possible. We achieve this through engagement in an inbound marketing retainer.

For some amazing clients, we've managed to accomplish this goal in as little as 36 hours, although more often it can take several months. Once passing the 70+ mark, it is a matter of sustained activity, monitoring and refinement to maintain your scores. In this chart, the top line is Kayak. The other two lines belong to our competitors.

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Get real results from inbound marketing activities

Kayak deploys strategic inbound marketing activities. Consistently performed, online activities build website traffic; improve website quality scores; and attract qualified leads to your website.

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