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Annie & Frederick
[ Fashion ]

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Black Earth Humics
Agriculture ]

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[ Reinsurance ]

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While it's often described that KAYAK websites really "work" for our clients, the vast majority look great as well. Check Out Our Work


Inspirus Rewards
[ Recognition ]

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Matco Financial
Investments ]

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Omni CircuitBoards
Manufacturing ]

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Quantum Security Gates
[ Store Security ]


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Take a look at our unique process, and see how it can bring you results. Wouldn't you like to be on this page?

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Bowling Green Golf
[ Sports Hospitality ]

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[ Technology ]

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KAYAK Online Marketing is a HubSpot Certified Partner

As a HubSpot Certified Partner since 2011, KAYAK has demonstrated advanced knowledge of HubSpot marketing software, strategic knowledge of inbound marketing concepts, and is a proven leader in the industry. Additionally, we update our certifications anually.


Our founder Randy Milanovic is the HubSpot User Group leader (HUG) for the Canadian Prairies HUG (Calgary). We hold free training and coaching sessions that are open to HubSpot users and marketers. Ask us about our next event or check out past events here.

Website Marketing Grade

A holistic measure of a site's online presence as measured by HubSpot's Marketing Grader on a scale of 0-100.

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