Omni Circuit Boards – Simplifying the complex.

Key to success:

Understanding that there was more to this challenge than a visual design, and that a new design needed to make it effortless for clients to engage.


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Transforming the printed circuit boards industry.

Omni Circuit Boards was caught in a race to the bottom with their competitors. As you can see below, the largest text on their previous home page was the price. Before they had any chance to win a customer with their quality work or great customer service, they'd lost if their price wasn't low enough. If a prospect decided to take that next step and fill out an online quote request, they were greeted with a lengthy and complex technical specifications form – pretty much the standard for their industry.

omni before after

simplified lead generation form

The Challenge

The new owner of Omni Circuit Boards inherited a complex, static website that looked like it hadn't been updated since the 1990s. Even with an online order form, Omni wasn't receiving any new business leads from their website.

Our Task

Kayak was engaged to create a credible, contemporary website with lead capture opportunities to generate business online.

The Solution

Our Creative Director began by examining the websites of Omni's competitors. Their common shortcoming was mega-technical forms – hardly inspiring or inviting. For Omni, a complete visual and marketing revamp was in order. The client also agreed that instead of price, the marketing message should make a 180° turn toward customer service.

Like competitors' forms, Omni's form required the submission of a technical file. But for Omni, we transferred the complex parts to Omni's staff, making the online process amazingly simple for customers.The simplicity of that customer service message was then translated into a 4-question get-a-quote form (around 90% shorter than competitor forms): urgency, quantity, reorder/new and an optional 'special instructions' field.

The Results

blog related spike in traffic and leads B

Within a month of launching the new site, Omni had attracted a 600% increase in leads over the old web site, and more than 50% of the leads converted to customers. Further, over the next three months, the web site generated an astonishing 250%+ increase in leads over that initial month, with a 70% conversion rate (yes, into new business).

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