Jumping out of the race to the bottom and onto the cover of TIME Magazine.

Helping a Canadian PCB firm buck the trend of customers going offshore.


Helping a Manufacturer Make a Quantum Leap in Inbound Marketing

Challenges and Opportunities

Newly purchased manufacturer Omni Circuit Boards was caught in a race to the bottom. Not only were they locked in a constant low-margin bidding war with other vendors who seemed nearly identical, their web presence was complicated and ineffective.

Like many of their peers and competitors in the industry, the focal point of their home page was a price point. Before Omni could win business with high-quality products or excellent customer service, they had to convince buyers they were cheap enough. Even worse, their online quote request page required technical specifications on a form with a shopping list of questions.

With those kind of obstacles to lead generation, it’s a miracle any prospects were making contact. Tack on the added issue of outdated design (not-responsive on mobile), and the barriers never seemed to stop.

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Omni Circuit Boards
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omni circuit boards website and marketing rebrand and relaunch


KAYAK was engaged to create a credible, contemporary website with lead capture opportunities to generate new business online (the company's only source of new leads), and that would work well on tablets and smaller devices.


Although Omni would still require the submission of technical files to prepare a quote, the task of analyzing the details was shifted to their in-house team, drastically simplifying the process for prospects. Instead of being confronted with dozens of questions, interested buyers now only had to answer four questions to get the quotes they needed.


After examining the websites of Omni’s competitors, Kayak made the recommendation to revamp the visuals and stress customer service and quality, in sharp contrast to industry norms. Additionally, we advised Omni to do away with the long, complicated specification quote forms that were prevalent on so many printed circuit board websites.

With a cleaner look, better content, and an improved lead gathering structure in place, Omni attracted a 600% increase in inquiries during the first month following their site relaunch, with 50% of those converting into new customers. After three months, the website was generating an astonishing 250% increase over leads beyond those initial successes, with an incredible 70% conversion rate. That meant a flood of new business for a previously struggling company!

Eighteen months later, Kayak and Omni teamed up again to present the company’s Aluminum Circuit Board Case Study, which attracted the attention of both CERN and NASA, and having their circuit board featured on the cover of TIME Magazine.

printed circuit board displayed on the cover of time magazine

"So what can you do with exposure like this other than trying to find ways to casually slip it into a conversation with family, friends, customers, suppliers, cashiers and busboys? Updating the home page of the website certainly seemed credible. Spamming the information to every email contact we had ever collected just seemed wrong. But perhaps a short blog about our exposure will suffice." – Paul Jackson, OMNI Circuit Boards

TIME Magazine cover photograph by GREGG SEGAL FOR TIME


Baseline Score: 19/100
Score at time of Writing: 74/100
Improvement 20 days from reLaunch: +55

SEO benefit: following Kayak's ethical content marketing strategies – EMA - Omni Circuit Boards was able to dominate Google search results with an incredible FIVE page one results on their target keywords.

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