Transforming Humdrum into Human

KAYAK worked with Matco to Humanize the Website Visitor Experience.


Giving One Financial Powerhouse a Personal Touch

Challenges and Opportunities

Matco Financial – an established insurance and financial services firm in Western Canada – came to Kayak because they wanted a robust web presence where potential clients would be able to research the company and its products easily. In an industry where so many providers and competitors can all seem to be offering the same thing, Matco saw an opportunity in being as open and accessible as possible.

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Matco Financial
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matco financial website upgrade and relaunch


A first step for the Kayak team was to design and develop a clean, corporate website that combined colour theory and human imagery. Photos of individual advisors were combined with personalized contact forms to not only target prospects more closely, but emphasize the company’s relationship-building priorities.

In addition, a number of different engagement opportunities were presented in the form of informative downloads and new account offers for prospects at different stages of the information gathering and purchasing cycles. At the same time, Kayak trained the Matco financial team in content creation and social engagement to ensure they’d be able to continue to connect with individuals online without relying on an agency.



Within three weeks of their new site launch, Matco’s search engine rankings and social media activity had improved dramatically.

Through personalized forms and a variety of engagement opportunities (from free information downloads to taking the first step in opening an account), the team at KAYAK opened the door for prospects at different stages of the pre-purchase and purchase cycles to be drawn into Matco's sales funnel. By providing an accessible platform, custom training and ongoing inbound marketing services, KAYAK helped positioned Matco Financial for online success.

In addition to the visual redesign, we delivered on our own goal of empowering Matco's staff to deploy content and engage with prospects on their own. By completing our Online Marketing and Social Networking Training program, Matco staff were positioned to connect with peers and potential clients online at a level unheard of in traditional circles.

Within 20 days of launch, Matco's improved website score jumped by an astonishing 69 points over its predecessor – a direct result of building their website the right way:

  • crafting quality content (for visitors)
  • incorporating social media (for sharing and connecting) 
  • ethical crafting of on-page SEO elements (for search engines)
  • incorporating lead capture to encourage new business (think website ROI).

Baseline Score: 15/100
Score at time of Writing: 84/100
Improvement 20 days from reLaunch: +69

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Note: website scores fluctuate with competition, activity, social engagement and algorithm changes. Further, KAYAK clients are empowered to manage their own sites. As such, a site may transform significantly over time.