Inbound Marketing Training

Getting your team out of the blocks and into the race.


Making good on our promise to help you do more for yourself, KAYAK's inbound marketing training program will help you lay the groundwork for online success.

Knowing where to begin and how to make efficient use of your efforts online are often the biggest challenges for inbound marketers. Our unique training program takes you through the process in an ordered way, 1-on-1, with a certified trainer.


Program includes dedicated trainer, inbound strategy and two guided assignments that you will be able to deploy on your website.

Taking an inbound marketing approach to generating leads online is smart. Our training program is designed to give you the core knowledge you’ll need to make the most of your inbound marketing efforts in the shortest amount of time.

What is included in KAYAK's Inbound Marketing Training Program?

The training program is made up of four consultative sessions (with assignments), structured in a way similar to that of a real life inbound marketing campaign.

Training Session 1: Inbound Marketing for Lead Capture

training-01-inbound-lead-captureWe start by getting a basic understanding of your business and the specific marketing persona you wish to reach (fancy talk for getting to know your prospect). From there we begin to brainstorm ideas for a targeted Top-of-the-Funnel (TOFU) marketing offer (the carrot in your lead capture strategy).


Training Session 2: Understanding the Connection Between Blogging and Search

training-02-blogging-and-seoSearch engine optimization is a complex and evolving topic. In this session we’ll dispel some of the mystery around SEO and look at how you can get your site ranking on keywords that truly matter via blogging activity.

Referencing the initial training session, we will brainstorm and develop helpful, informative blog content ideas and call-to-action intended to link your readers to your offer.

Training Session 3: Strategic Social Networking

training-03-strategic-socialThere's more to social tools than posting coffee mugs and vacation snapshots. Using social media to develop business relationships is today's business networking activity. Rather than focus on the tool, we'll help you put the focus on the strategy.

That being said, we recognize that there are behavioural nuances that vary between social networks that will impact how you communicate. Once we establish a baseline social strategy that you can carry from network to network, the training program then focuses on utilizing the particular characteristics of up to three core social networks, selected strategically based on your business.

Training Session 4: Optimizing Lead Capture Opportunities

training-04-optimizing-lead-captureWith a TOFU (top-of-the-funnel) offer in-hand, a blog in waiting, and social channels offering options for engagement and sharing, we'll move on to deployment. Covering calls-to-action, landing pages, thank-you pages, and even forms, we’ll help you understand the main elements needed to capture a lead on your website.


What will you come away with at the end of the training program?

  • An understanding of the inbound marketing process.
  • A training level marketing persona.
  • A branded top-of-the-funnel marketing offer.
  • A search engine optimized blog article.
  • Actionable tips on improving your social profiles.
  • A lead capture checklist ensuring you can build the components required to capture a lead and move them into your sales funnel.

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