Inbound Marketing Retainers

Let's get all hands on deck.


Search Engine Positioning Varies Daily

Competitors run campaigns and improve their sites. Google and Bing update their Algorithms. And visitors change their search patterns.

As a result, no matter how nice your site looks or how well it ranked yesterday, nothing will keep it top of mind (or top of search) more easily than consistent activity. Whether you are simply hoping to rank, or in a heated battle to maintain rankings, keeping active is the best way to tip the odds in your favour.

To help you keep your site up to date and running well, KAYAK provides customized inbound marketing services meant to help you stay ahead of the competition.


plan do check act system

Within our inbound marketing retainer efforts, KAYAK provides:

  • website maintenance/support
  • inbound marketing coaching
  • online marketing consulting
  • analytics monitoring & reporting
  • on-page SEO refinement
  • content marketing support
  • email marketing support
  • social media marketing support
  • and more...

Among the most often overlooked online success strategies of all, keeping your website active is equally important for attracting search engines, and visitors as well. From posting new blog articles to keeping an eye on analytics and engaging with your online connections, activity is fundamental to building a solid foundation for success. Without it, you simply have a web-sign.

Just how much and what types of activity does a website really require?

To answer that question, let's look at the present state of your site. Does it have a healthy number of inbound links? Are your website visitors the prospects you want to connect with, or at least their influencers? Where does your site currently rank for your target keyword phrases? What’s your competitive landscape? Do visitors fill out your forms or travel through a sales funnel in prep of making contact? Does your site reflect visitor needs?


How well does your site score against your primary competitors?

At KAYAK, we evaluate websites based on their technical structure, user experience, and activity level. It’s when these three aspects are working in unison that both rankings and visitor quality improve and opportunities present themselves. Scores are affected not only by your activity, but those of your competitors as well. Based out of a possible 100 points, a score of 70 or greater – and maintaining it – is the goal. 

Can the team at KAYAK help you build and maintain a growing site?

KAYAK can work with your team on foundation-building activities via retainer, covering these website maintenance/activity areas:

  • Content Optimization: writing/reading structure, image quality & sizing, ALT tags, visual design, sales funnel optimization...
  • Search Optimization: meta descriptions, header formatting, keyword targeting, algorithm updates...
  • Monitoring & Reporting: analytics, visitor sources, page performance, keyword opportunities and scoring...
  • Social Engagement and Networking: sharing, helping, promoting, engaging, connecting, monitoring...
  • Content Marketing: sales funnel deployment and measurement, consistency, relevancy, tone, language...
  • HTML/CSS/JS: coding, refinement, optimization...

Generally speaking, we refer to these as Inbound Marketing Activities. And, they can be broken down into three distinct phases: Get Found (SEO-related), Get Prospects (Social-related) and Get Leads (Marketing-related). For those sites early in the foundation-building process, we focus on Get Found aspect of these activities. For more advanced sites, we can divide our attention across all three.

KAYAK Inbound Marketing Retainers

Given the knowledge and effort required to deploy activities towards lead generation and maintaining good website scores, KAYAK provides support, coaching and consulting services to our clients via retainer.

KAYAK’s inbound marketing retainer begins at 20 hours of dedicated inbound marketing time, including 2 web-meetings per month to monitor and refine the technical and marketing aspects of your site. (Additional 10-hour blocks may be booked as required.) We work closely with you as a member of your team to help you deliver a consistent message and optimize your visitor experience in every reasonable way possible, within the budgeted time available.

Inbound Marketing Activities and Consulting are provided on a minimum 6-month term. KAYAK’s Inbound Marketing Retainers auto-renew. Because, when activity declines, so do your opportunities. Retainer holidays are not permitted. Auto-renew is quarterly after initial term. No-fault cancellation available after 6 months. We recognize that the unexpected happens. If it does, and we cannot find an alternative solution, we'll release you from the retainer as per our standard terms of service.

Inboud Marketing Retainers form a cornerstone of our process, starting from $2300/mo on a minimum 6 month term.

Guide Your Prospects Down the Sales Funnel

top of the funnelTop of the Funnel (TOFU): your prospect's research/awareness phase.

middle of the funnel smallMiddle of the Funnel (MOFU): your prospect's evaluation/investigation phase.

bottom of the funnelBottom of the Funnel (BOFU): your prospect's qualification/purchase phase.