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To maintain the cultural authenticity of written works, we contract North American copywriters for our North American clients.

Blogging might feel like eating steamed vegetables at first, but it's just as healthy for your business website. Give it a try, and you might be surprised at how much you enjoy both the writing and the results.

Pressed for time or resources? Not sure what to write for that next blog? Or, is content creation simply not your thing? Our expert writers and editors can help you solve that problem.

Blog Article Writing Packages (A) Single Articles
4 Articles
12 Articles
Blog Article Writing Packages (B) 24 Articles
(+1 bonus)
48 Articles
(+4 bonus)
90 Articles
(+8 bonus)

Note: Marketers may opt for longer, more in-depth articles rather than bonus posts. Please discuss with the KAYAK team.

We will conduct an interview, do basic research based on the reference materials you provide, and craft relevant articles for you. Once crafted, we deliver them to you for final personalization and posting to your blog. Includes initial copywriting (800-1000 words is typical) longtail keyword integration (title, h1, plus marketing meta description) and an optional stock image research/purchase per article. Order now and get a serious head start on your content creation needs. [check out our free title and meta improvement tool]

The chart here shows how blog publishing 2x per week helped KAYAK to attracts roughly 500% over blogging 1x week.

increasing blog frequency pays off

Your Assurance of Quality. We scan all written content submissions (from contractors and clients alike) through the industry standard duplicate content checker, CopyScape. Never plagiarize. Protected by Copyscape Web Plagiarism Detection

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