internet marketing plans

Marketing power at all levels of your sales funnel.

We'll help you reach potential buyers on the topics they want to hear about.

The biggest challenge to your online success is the creation of quality marketing content. We can help you solve that.

Granted there are some circumstances when Pay Per Click (PPC, AdWords) and Cost Per Thousand (CPM, Banner Ads) work, but over all, when you can create great content that propels you up the ranks for free – and then stays there – we have to ask, "why on earth would you want to do pay-per-click?"


Attract the Right Prospects with Quality Content

Key to online success, quality content provides the "attraction" element of your campaigns. Strategically presented to your target market and supported with social engagement, content helps to create new business opportunities.

Content is at the core of our collaborative marketing system, EMA.

We'll start with these fours building blocks:


1Marketing Personas: How well do you know your customers?

We believe it isn't enough in today's competitive business world to simply know what you have to sell.

Instead, the smartest companies build their online marketing plans around specific insights. They want to know as much as possible about their most important customers, and what their products or services represent to those buyers.

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2Turning premium content into new business opportunities.

Even if you have a well-designed website, a strong search engine position, and thousands of social media followers, you need a reliable way of turning fans and visitors into actual prospects.

Although you could rely on luck or chance for these sales opportunities to be created, we recommend a proven system of downloadable offers designed to attract interest and inspire action.

That process begins with having the right content. Our premium content creation includes: E-Books, Special Reports, Infographics, Video Production Blog Content, Press Releases and much more.

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3A proven formula for inbound lead generation.

A business website that doesn't generate new sales opportunities isn't doing its job, and isn't worth the time and investment needed to create a strong web presence.

With that in mind, business owners, executives, and their online marketing teams should build every page, and every piece of content, with the goal of attracting prospects and getting them to take action.

Through the deployment of our proven online marketing system, we plan and arrange your campaigns in a way that helps you meet the most important goals at every step in the process.

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4Build a blog that's truly worth blogging about.

Your company blog should be the home of your content marketing strategy – a source of interesting information, news, helpful tips, and even industry insight.

Every time you share an interesting article or thought, you grow your marketing platform and make your website easier to find through search engines. But, not just any content will do.

Using a team of experienced copywriters, we'll turn your ideas and marketing messages into something that your business can use to grow.

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