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About Kayak Online Marketing

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Kayak Online Marketing helps businesses generate quality leads online with business websites, social media networking and captivating content marketing that engages visitors. We help organizations build their businesses online with activities that generate leads. Learn more about our approach (video).

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In addition to publishing two books about business websites and search engine findability, our principal, Randy Milanovic, has been featured, guest blogged, or mentioned in a variety of media, including:,,,, and more.

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Making Waves #18: Do you Look Trustworthy Online?

trust value

Building a new website and improving your online presence is an exciting decision. The mind goes to flashy designs and complicated tools to impress your prospects. While these all sound fun, part of our job is the reminder that your online presence, including your website, must encourage your prospects to trust you.

Are Marketers Overlooking the Most Important SEO Strategy?

quality counts for search ranking

Search optimization will always occupy a somewhat ironic place in my mind.

That's because, as one of the more important parts of a successful online marketing campaign, I'm forced to spend a lot of time thinking, speaking, and writing about it. On the other hand, SEO (and especially Google's algorithm) is so over-analyzed that many marketers commonly overlook the quality for the keywords.

The Internet Never Forgets: Making Waves #16


It's the nightmare of anyone who does business online: you've messed up. You try to put your mistake behind you, but you're haunted by search results bringing it to the surface.

Can You Really Rise up by Sinking Down to 2nd Tier Content?

grumpy cat cat

One of the most interesting and rewarding things about online marketing is that you can never really be sure about the kind of feedback you're going to generate from a given piece of content. I’d been reminded of that twice recently, and it has led me to an epiphany.

Being Remarkable in Social Media: Making Waves #15

connect with your audience

My last blog was all about content creation and how to overcome the barriers to creating. This time I want to address a similar topic: creating content in social media. Blogging, writing eGuides or eBooks, creating videos, recording podcasts, are the root of your inbound marketing efforts. Getting the word out about those pieces becomes incredibly important, but as you'll see, social media is not only about promoting your own stuff.

Are You Attracting Prospects or Just Looking for Attention?

watermellon head attention seeker

Recently, I've taken a few of my social connections out to the virtual woodshed for posting (or from my perspective, over-posting) what I consider near meaningless or empty, low value content. Grumpy cats, goats, lions, famous quotes and other people's pictures, to name just a few: do they have any real significance beyond some very brief entertainment value?

The 3 Most Common Roadblocks to Content Creation: Making Waves #14

content creation roadblocks

Every marketing effort begins with some form of content. Without it, there's nothing to share, nothing to promote, and nothing to optimize. Despite content's importance, it still seems to be the toughest element to create for many business owners and marketers. Here's the three most common roadblocks I've come across and how to overcome them.

Going Deeper with SEO, Rich Snippets, and the Rel=Author Tag

authorship snippets too

A couple weeks back, I had the good fortune to co-host a luncheon with SEO superstar Tracey Nero (Woods), a former in-house search expert at MSN Microsoft. During the 90-minute workshop, we took a closer look at why rich snippets are so important to search and how content creators can use them to get more from every blog post and article they create.

Clickbait vs Curiosity: Making Waves #13

hooked by click bait?

So You Wore Out Your Audience With Headline Trends… You Won't BELIEVE What Happens Next!

Have you seen these headlines lately? You probably saw one or two, thought they were interesting, and then your Facebook feed became a firehose of Things You Can't Believe Happened Next! This is the clickbait headline, content trend du jour. A simple enough format that's incredibly appealing to marketers hunting for better click through rates.

Are Longer Landing Pages the Key to More Conversions?

there's a science behind capturing leads on the web and landing pages are key

Amongst experienced online marketers there is an ongoing debate about whether short or long form landing pages are more effective.

In other words, how much does it take, in terms of text, images and arguements, to find the "sweet spot" where the highest number of potential customers are willing to take the next step and commit to converting on your form?

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