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What You Need to Know about Local Search Results

Posted by Randy Milanovic

Mar 4, 2015 5:30:00 AM

Recently, I found myself Googling for “big island real estate” as part of a new client project. Imagine my surprise when a trio of business listings appeared near the top of the page as local search results. Otherwise known as the Local Pack, this group of listings – presumably – is intended to display local (nearby) business listings.

A quick peek at Google Maps – and a quick glance at fresh snow outside my office window – confirmed that we do not, in fact, have any Hawaii-based Realtors any closer than around 3,000 miles from my offices in Calgary.

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Topics: local SEO, search optimization, semantic search

Marketing Persona Lessons from a Simple Bag of Tea

Posted by Randy Milanovic

Feb 20, 2015 5:30:00 AM

Sometimes, the most important lessons you can learn about online marketing – and indeed, dealing with people – aren’t the ones you get from blogs, surveys, or brainstorming sessions. In fact, I was recently reminded how important things like perspective and insight are from a simple cup of tea.

It all started with a visit from my mother-in-law. Being Chinese-Vietnamese, her English is a bit broken (to be fair, though, it’s infinitely better than my Chinese or Vietnamese). That means two-way communication between us can get a little bit interesting at times.

I asked if I could get her a tea, to which she smiled and nodded her head affirmatively. So I scurried off to grab my collection of premium flavoured teas. It contanied all the classics, as well as my own favourites (chocolate mint, and blueberry). Whatever she might want, I would be ready to provide. Or so I thought.

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Topics: persona, marketing personas

Will Colour Choice Affect Your Website Visitor Experience?

Posted by Randy Milanovic

Feb 17, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Colour is a part of everything we do.

From selecting our clothing for the day, to picking out the vehicle we choose to drive, colour makes a continuous impression on us each and every day, but does it have any impact at all on the websites we choose to visit, and if so, why?

The following is a special guest post by Amy Wax, a colour consultant (and creator of the award winning Color 911 app) from New Jersey who regularly surfaces in my Google Plus stream. Feel free to reach out to her directly. Her links and bio can be found at the end of this post. With intros out of the way, let's take a look at what Amy has to say about the colours on your site...

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Topics: website design, colour for websites

Copycats, Pigeons, Puppies and Great Thinkers Posts by Yours Truly

Posted by Randy Milanovic

Feb 11, 2015 6:00:00 AM

I had the great fortune of writing and posting some of my best articles around online marketing ideas over on Social Media Today last year as one of their Best Thinkers. In case you missed my articles there, here is a roundup of a few of my favs, in no particular order:

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Topics: blogging, social media today

Slave-Free Since Always: No Unpaid Marketing Interns

Posted by Randy Milanovic

Feb 3, 2015 5:30:00 AM

One thing you’ll notice if you stop in to see us at Kayak, is that our team is quiet eclectic. From young people to industry vets, we run the gamut. What you won't see though, are unpaid marketing interns.

A marketing and ad agency staple since the stone age, bringing on interns each spring has been a way to vet prospective hires skills, check their knowledge, and assess their team-fit – all quite well and fine – at virtually no risk to the business. And that's where my issue with the practice surfaces. I'm pretty much against the concept of slave labour.

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Topics: better business practices, marketing intern

Does Social Engagement Affect Search Results?

Posted by Randy Milanovic

Jan 27, 2015 5:30:00 AM

Is the most valuable part of your content, the discussion it generates? Can social comments add more authority and semantic search value than many marketers truly appreciate? These were among the questions on my mind when I sought advice from a handful of connections in GPlus (who just happen to also represent some of the top minds in Semantic Search).

As a result, below, you’ll see a transcript from one of the most insightful G+ conversations I've been a part of, complete with some revealing (and common sense) insights into what makes the comments you receive on your content so valuable… and what to watch out for if you want to keep comments from accidentally hurting your content.

Participating in the discussion are: Ammon Johns, Stephan Hovnanian, David Amerland, Bruce Marko, David Kutcher, Teodroa Petkova, Aaron Bradley, Bill Slawski, Sergio Redondo and Frank Gainsford.

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Topics: social engagement, commenting, semantic search

50k Views and 2k Shares From One LinkedIn Pulse Article?

Posted by Randy Milanovic

Jan 23, 2015 7:19:00 AM

Wouldn’t it be nice if every article was the source of tens of thousands of views, thousands of social shares, and a long list of engaging comments? What a wonderful bit of exposure that would be! Could it happen for you? It happened for me, and I think I know why.

Recently, I broke down what I see as clues to the success of the piece (those 50k views), in the hope we may be able to repeat the approach.

Let’s take a look at the pieces:

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Topics: content marketing, content strategy

Doubling Down on Duplicate Content

Posted by Randy Milanovic

Jan 13, 2015 6:30:00 AM

Not long ago, I shared my opinion that marketers were being overly worried about duplicate content, specifically for sharing their articles and posts in a variety of places.

This belief is based on two different details: first, that Google realizes there are common and legitimate reasons for duplicate content to exist (even for ethical marketers who aren’t trying to game the system), and second, that the search engine optimization benefits of posting fresh content are really a secondary business goal. Our first goal should be to attract interest and build credibility; having Google crawl your posts is simply an extra advantage.

But, talk – or in this case, a pixelated opinion – is cheap, so I decided to test the theory on one of my recent posts, 7 Tongue-in-Cheek Online Marketing Predictions for 2015.

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Topics: content marketing, duplicate content, syndication

Reach Your Audience Wherever They May Be

Posted by Randy Milanovic

Jan 8, 2015 1:26:00 PM

We all know by now that social media is an important part of building engagement, staying in touch with contacts, and for building our credibility. But can the mechanics of posting to multiple social destinations can get a little bit sticky?

In my view, sharing to multiple platforms isn’t just a good idea; it’s something you must do if you are going to connect and gain exposure with your audience. Let me share with you the two realizations that got me to that point, and then how I handle the “potential for social spamming and duplicate content” conundrums…

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Topics: social media tips, social engagement, social networking

What LinkedIn Pulse Isn’t Sharing With You

Posted by Randy Milanovic

Dec 29, 2014 6:00:00 AM

I love LinkedIn Pulse – it’s a great forum for publishing and re-publishing content for a new or different audience that your other platforms. I’m all for anything that connects people on the Net with great content, and Pulse does that well.

However, I was a bit disappointed with one of the recent changes in the platform. Instead of allowing content creators and their readers to see the social shares of articles, Pulse curently displays views, likes and comments only.

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