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A bit about our Beginnings…

Kayak Online Marketing was born in 2011 during the recovery of its founder, Randy Milanovic from both stage IV cancer and the economic downturn of '09. At that time, Randy took an "outside-in" look at his business and realized marketing agencies could be far more effective when working collaboratively with their clients, meeting real business goals, and delivering measurable ROI, than by just churning out ads and carving off media commissions.

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That epiphany led to the launch of KAYAK and a new way of envisioning the web marketing process. Dubbed EMA – for Education, Marketing, and Automation – Randy and the Kayak team developed a system that moves away from the traditional ad agency focus on commissions and creative awards and toward a commitment to building better websites with lead-generating and business-building potential.

The rest of the story reads like a digital-age business fairytale: combining EMA with attraction-based marketing strategies and an ethical mindset, KAYAK multiplied revenues by almost 25 times in the first two years, with a long list of satisfied clients spreading the word on our behalf. With many clients seeing as much as a 600% increase in new leads from our work, it wasn't long before we were recognized by local and international media – including in a two-page spread on – which moved us further into the mainstream.

Through it all, however, we've remained aware of one important detail: our story isn't the one that really matters. Instead, it's all about the next one: the success we create for you.


    Randy's books:

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    Empowering Our Clients to Succeed

    Kayak is a different kind of online marketing agency. We follow an attraction-based inbound marketing model that applies proven business principles to social networking and content marketing strategies. We don't just do more for you… we put you in a position to do more for yourself, as well.

    About Kayak, Randy, Paul, Mohsin, Tyler, and Nick

    When you work with us, you won't be presented with a proposal and menu of options to choose from. We will work with you to understand your business and its goals, and then give your team the training to follow through. Our philosophy is to not ring up big invoices for small, mundane tasks, or to keep clients with us through fear or necessity. We want you to develop a long-term relationship with our team because you understand what we're doing and love the results, not because it's a hassle to find another vendor.

    Our stated goal of helping you to create a more powerful website through ethical search engine optimization and lead generation strategies isn't just talk – our innovative approach to attracting clients online has gotten us featured by major media outlets like Forbes, The Financial Post, and CTV News. In addition, Kayak was a double-finalist in the 2013 Small Business Awards (Breakout Business and Small Business of the Year) by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

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    Meet Our Team

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